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The Ngārara settlement will be a beautiful place not just to live, but to belong.

Less than one hour away from capital city Wellington, Ngārara sits on high-sunshine, coastal land nestled between Kapiti Island and the Tararua Ranges. In natural surroundings that offer a rare combination of untouched nature, privacy-by-design, and community living, residents will be able to create and enjoy homes that complement their surroundings.

They’ll gain from the shared commitment to design principles and to preserving the environmental and social integrity of the area, as well as its look and feel.

Those building here will be encouraged and supported to seek out the latest in sustainability information, including design options and technology for maximum energy and water efficiency.

Waimeha is the first neighbourhood we are developing. It is the southern gateway to Ngārara with it’s southern boundary on Te Moana Road and nestling against the Waikanae Golf Course to the west.

Waimeha will comprise approximately 300 residences with a mix of terraces, apartments and medium density residential properties. There will also be some small scale retail and commercial opportunities.

A network of walking and cycling tracks will provide access throughout the community and link into the new pedestrian, cycle and bridle corridor that provides a continuous connection between Waikanae North and Raumati. Greenways, parks, reserves and courts will be generously spread throughout the community of intimate neighbourhood streets.

Landuse type / topologyAvg lot sizeNumber of lots
Open Spacen/an/a
Mixed Use 'A'20036
Mixed Use 'B'100119
Residential 'A'30052
Residential 'B'40044
Residential 'B'60033
Total number of lots  283
Proposed landuse design for Waimeha
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Stage Two of our development will be Ti Kouka.

Ti Kouka lies to the north-east of the Waimeha neighbourhood, where the natural environment dominates – in terms of views, vegetation types and development responses. This results in informal boundaries between urban and natural areas, and allows for a small, vibrant community set within a distinctive, intact natural environment.

There will be extensive landscaped public open spaces, including a hilltop village square, alongside wetlands and dunes. Ti Kouka will offer 250 residences, a mix of apartments, terraces and medium density housing.

Landuse type / topologyAvg lot sizeNumber of lots
Open Spacen/an/a
Mixed Use20014
Density A30060
Density B40026
Total number of lots  245
Proposed landuse design for Ti Kouka
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This Stage Three development is the northernmost part of the farm and as the name suggests, encompasses the property where four generations of our family lived – and grew to love this place. It’s why we place so much emphasis on the notion of ‘belonging’.

Homestead dunes will be the largest neighbourhood with over 300 residences. It will also provide for some of the largest sections and the largest amount of public open space.

In the west and south, the Homestead neighbourhood will border a generous public reserve buffering the existing and restored Kawakahia and Ti Kouka wetlands. Higher density residential development is designed around ‘pocket parks’ in the valley basins within the dunes. There will be low density, large property development around the forest block.

The old Woolshed may provide an opportunity for a social and arts centre for the community.

Landuse type / topologyAvg lot sizeNumber of lots
Open Spacen/an/a
Mixed Use25011
Density A300116
Density B40080
Density C60081
Density D100028
Total number of lots  315
Proposed landuse design for Homestead
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