Ngārara acknowledges the special nature of the area and affirms that it will not succumb to the low-value, piecemeal development characteristic of contemporary subdivisions.

The standard sets out an exacting framework for the current and future growth of the Ngārara Community.

Maypole homes recognises that the national housing benchmark needs to be raised. The long-overdue ‘normal’ is a universally accessible level of construction – designed specifically for the local, natural and socio-economic environment. Maypole homes have all been architecturally designed by leading local design firms. They are built for life and designed to adapt to the changing rhythms of seasons and family stages.
At Ngārara our goal is to build a new normal which promotes personal and community wellbeing by taking a holistic approach to water, energy, waste and the neighbourhood environment. Beautiful homes, all designed by architects, are warm, comfortable, healthy and dry on the inside and welcoming on the outside, allowing a vibrant, interactive streetscape where people are more important than cars.

The subdivision, as a whole, has been designed following Low Impact Urban Design & Development (LIUDD) principles. This is an approach that recognises that ecosystems have limitations and that we must work within those limitations if our development is to be sustainable. This approach has guided all our decisions when designing the infrastructure across the development. It has informed our approach from urban form, built form, landscape planting, open space planning and all the way down to how we have designed the individual lots to interact with each other.

To achieve this goal our architecturally designed homes are designed “smart” and incorporate energy efficient solutions such as hot water heat pumps, hot water underfloor heating, thermally separated double glazed windows and some serious insulation. The houses are also designed to be resilient with rainwater tanks and the ability for later addition of photovoltaic solutions. Landscape design has also been included in the design of our homes from the outset and will be well established at the time in which new owners take over their homes.

Our first homes are now on the market, this is your opportunity to belong in Ngārara.