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Goal: to optimise human connectivity
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Our design supports a strong sense of community without demanding engagement with neighbours.

It’ll make friendliness possible – even likely – through careful design of the interface between public and private space, and through roading and paths, natural meeting points, the placement of special features, and the creation of ‘third places’

outside of work and home, where people can relax in company.

There will be shared social spaces, as well as open space, walking and riding tracks, lookout points, and easy access to the seashore and protected ecological areas such as wetlands and old-growth native forest.

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The integration of open space into a network of shared spaces will create recreation, conservation, culture and heritage opportunities in and around the settlement.

This ‘open-space network’ will create individual neighbourhoods with local identities, building on the landscape character of each neighbourhood. The open space is designed to reinforce the natural visual settings of neighbourhoods,

and protect conservation areas and connections to wider ecological corridors.
The safe pedestrian, bridle and cycleways will ensure strong links within Ngārara and between the coast and adjacent neighbourhoods.
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The soul and vibrancy of communities and neighbourhoods result from the interactions of their residents, and we have placed great importance on the need to design and build in such a way as to foster community connection and the likelihood of engagement.

An obvious benefit of this depth of community engagement is the inherent security it produces.

There will be many meeting points in the open spaces, some of them created, some of them natural. There will be other shared built places in the areas that allow for sympathetic commercial development – cafes, perhaps an art gallery, and of course the Village Square will be a vibrant gathering place.
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Third places are a fundamental aspect of any place that can truly be called a community.

Third places are essential to civil society and creating a sense of place. They are the places where you spend time outside of home and your place of work, they are often within walking distance and they often become a ‘home away from home’.

Many exist within walking distance of Ngārara – the golf club, fishing club, bowling clubs and a vibrant network of cafes and restaurants to name a few.

And more will occur within the Ngārara boundaries. It is crucially why we have planned for not just residential development, but also for small scale commercial and retail opportunities.

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It is time for more experiment in the way we plan, build and own our communities. For example, new initiatives are needed to try and find ways to ensure that our surroundings are not entirely sacrificed to the car
HRH The Prince of Wales
The design of Ngārara intentionally places greater emphasis on the movement of pedestrians and cyclists than it does on cars.

We believe important social benefits come with this design and the improved choice in moving around the community that it brings will help to create streets that will enliven the neighbourhoods.

The new Kapiti expressway cycle route will be accessible at the Te Moana interchange, extending the entire 17km route providing a great recreational and commuting opportunity without the need for travelling by car.