Our ‘ground up’ approach to developing Ngārara into a series of residential neighbourhoods is still new to New Zealand. It means we are designing it to fit with the existing environment, land and community – not impose on it.

Our decisions are being made based on the things that we know are already important here – the way the land lies in relation to the sun and the wind; where the water settles naturally after rain; where and how the flora and fauna exist here; and how the surrounding community live, move and think, and how they engage with this land.

It’s not a ‘purist’ approach – just as it places great importance on ancient wetlands and native bush, it acknowledges the influence of European farming and even 20th Century bach architecture. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that the local environment, character and heritage is respected and reflected in the development.

These four cornerstone principles have been established to keep us all true to this vision.

1. Natural Systems
2. Connectivity
3. Social Equity
4. Character