Nestled between Waikanae Beach and Township, just 60 kilometres north of Wellington, Ngārara is conveniently connected to both commerce and recreation. Proximity to the M2PP expressway interchange and the imminent Transmission Gully Motorway means travel time to Wellington is expected to drop by 15-20 minutes, creating the perfect opportunity for relaxed beachside living within reasonable transit of local amenities and the City.

Our aspiration is to create a high-quality living environment which preserves the character of the natural landscape, places a high value on the unique protected wetland and native bush, puts a greater emphasis on people than it does on cars, and connects naturally with the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The land has been lived on by four generations of the Smith family. The family feel intimately connected to the land and have made great efforts to protect and improve the properties native and natural assets. As a direct result of the family’s knowledge of the land, environment, and their familiarity with the surrounding communities, the development has been planned and designed with a uniquely ‘ground up’ vision.

There will be a variety of residential opportunities which will encourage a wide demographic and result in a real sense of community. Mixed use commercial opportunities will also help create neighbourhoods which are vibrant and well rounded. A high proportion of open spaces and shared spaces will further encourage community connection. Our goal is to create somewhere not just to live, but to belong.